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What Makes Quontic’s Checking Accounts Better Than Our Competitors?

Quontic is offering some of the best free checking accounts that the market has to offer. We’re hands-down beating the competition when it comes to the best high-interest checking accounts, cash back rewards, and unique features.

So you want to open a free checking account online with a digital bank that’s going to give you the best bang for your buck? Well, you’ve made it. Whether you’re wondering which type of account will typically have the highest interest rate, curious about a checking account with rewards, or want to pay fewer fees with your checking account—Quontic offers an innovative checking account that’ll suit your needs.

We’re pushing the industry forward, one bank account at a time. What drives us to be innovative?

Every day, Quontic is redefining what it means to be a key player in the banking industry. We’re pioneering advancements through the lens of our culture, defined by our core values. We’re an adaptive, digital bank and a Community Development Financial Institution. What this means is that we’re closing the gap for the underbanked, and we’re breaking the system for financial empowerment. To do that, we’re working around the clock to create innovative products that not only stand apart from what’s offered by the rest of the industry, but can stand against it and provide better perks and convenience for our customers. The best way to introduce how we’re doing this is through our products—they speak for themselves.

First is our Cash Rewards Checking. No need to sign up for another credit card—Checking accounts with cash back debit cards do exist. And Quontic is offering one of the highest cash back rates on the market. 

This product can earn you 1.00% cash back on ell eligible debit card purchases. Think of every time you make a purchase in person and swipe your card. Do you currently have a card that gives you debit cash back on those point of sale transactions? If not, think of all the earning opportunities you’re missing.

The next product you should look into is our High Interest Checking account. There’s a reason Business Insider named us one of the Best High Yield Checking Accounts. While most other banks have a high-interest balance limit, with Quontic’s high-yield checking account you can earn up to 1.01% APY with a minimum deposit of $100, and no high-interest balance limit. On top of that, our APYs are competitive in the market, and our customers are reaping the benefits.

And if you like innovative features, both of our checking accounts come with the ability to add a free Quontic Pay Ring. We’re the first bank in the US to offer our customers a wearable payment ring. You can make contactless purchases with a simple tap of your hand – no need to carry around a wallet or cash and it comes with all the security features of your standard debit card. 

One of the best parts about banking with us is the convenience. All of our checking products are FDIC-insured checking accounts with no fees, and accessible at over 90,000 surcharge free ATMs nationwide. Since we’re a digital bank, we’re open 24/7 via our mobile app and desktop online banking platform and have several options for contacting US-based customer support, including live chat. 

Our products are what keeps our customers satisfied over anything else. At its core, it’s the primary reason why many people choose to online bank with us. We’re offering cutting edge technology, competitive rates, 24/7 accessibility, and the opportunity to help the underbanked. To get started, visit: https://www.quontic.com/open-an-account/.

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