Who We Are

Quontic is the adaptive digital bank that empowers its customers financially while embracing their diverse circumstances. Quontic’s disruptive banking platform reimagines traditional banking with adaptive lending and innovative deposit products that transcend legacy banking inequities. Quontic’s mission to break the system for financial empowerment stands in the face of big banks and proves there is a better and more equitable way to put the customer first. The bank focuses on truly understanding and serving the underdogs, entrepreneurs, gig-economy workers, immigrants, and more with a curated banking experience as opposed to a one-size-fits-all banking approach.

Strategic Anchors

Adaptive Lending Solutions

We know that our customers borrowing needs are not ‘one size fits all’. Quontic is focused on providing loan solutions which are adaptive to our customers’ unique circumstance.

Innovative Deposit Products

Unique deposit products offering innovative features for niche audiences.

Maximum Leverage

Leverage resources (financial, technology, people) for maximum results.

Our Core Values


Say Cheese

Be positive, smile, and encourage others.

Try It On!

Be adaptive, open to new ideas, and unafraid to embrace change.

Progress Not Perfection

Progress is what matters – don’t let a desire for perfection prevent progress.

Know the Goal

Be intentional to understand what the needed outcome is – measure and beat it.

What Our Numbers Say


Mortgages Provided


Staff Diversity


Digital Banker of Year

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Digital Bank by Bankrate


Percentage of mortgages in Low-Income neighborhoods and to Low-Income households

Inc 5000's

Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America

Senior Executives

Meet the leaders who are surpassing customer expectations and innovating news technology in the banking industry.

Utilizing extensive experience, knowledge, and creativity, Quontic’s leadership team is paving the way for customer-centric banking nationwide. We prioritize our customers by ensuring that their banking experience is efficient and effective. Our focus is to innovate ways to better the banking industry and enhance technological advancements to help our customers achieve a better financial future.

Steve Schnall

Steven Schnall

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Karen headshot

Karen Wood

Chief Financial Officer

Casey Christopher

Chief Empowerment Officer
Felix Todd

Felix Todd

Chief Technology Officer

George Lazaridis - Mortgage Lending Division President & CLO

George Lazaridis

Chief Lending Officer
Donna Hubert Headshot

Donna Hubert

Chief Administrative Officer

Mike Lantz

Chief People Officer
Raul Oseguera

Raul Oseguera

Chief Risk Officer


Aaron Wollner

Chief Marketing Officer

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)

Our CEO, Steve Schnall, talks about how Quontic fits into your ESG portfolio.

We’re proud that the work we do aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.