Schedule of Fees* as of 2/15/22

Account Research


Activity Statement


Cashier's Checks


Money Order


Dormant Account (Per month)


Fax /Photocopies


Foreign Collections (customers only)

$0.00 plus correspondent

Outgoing Collections (customers only)

$0.00 plus correspondent

Overdraft Charge/Return Non-Sufficient Funds:
Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal,
ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

$0.00 per item

Legal Levies and Garnishments


Stop Payment


Wire Transfer Outgoing Foreign (customers)

$35.00 plus correspondent

Wire Transfer Outgoing Domestic (customers)

$25.00 plus correspondent

Wire Transfer Incoming (customers)

$0.00 plus correspondent

Return Deposited Item


Photocopy of Check / Statement


Activity Printout


Account Reconciliation


Excessive Check Fee (Money Market Accounts)


*Schedule of Fees is not applicable to Certificates of Deposit.