Asset Utilization Home Loan

If you have an ample amount of cash reserves, employment verification isn’t a requirement. As a Community Development Financial Institution, we validate income with a unique approach to qualifying ability to repay. Our process takes a holistic look at your total assets to determine if you’re qualified.
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Simpler mortgages for non⁠-⁠traditional borrowers

As a federally chartered digital bank and US Treasury designated Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we’re one of only a few mortgage lenders that can accept alternative income documentation from borrowers who have strong credit and the substantial down payment to qualify. We assess the loan applicant’s full financial profile, not just bank statements, W2s and tax returns.
Asset Utilization

No employment documentation or verification required


Only 1 month bank statement
(covering at least 30 days) for each asset
used to qualify income


100% Gift Funds Accepted For Down Payments, Closing Costs, Etc.


Loan amounts

Up to $548,250
Up To $3,000,000*

Minimum FICO score required


Minimum down payment required

As low as 3%

Adjustable Rate, Fixed Rate and
Interest Only Options Available


Home purchase and refinance available, including cash-out refinance


2nd home and multifamily properties allowed


Information in this chart is applicable to the purchase of a primary residence only.

*A loan up to $3,000,000 requires minimum 30% down payment and minimum FICO score of 740.

**20% Down payment required minimum 660 credit score and has a maximum $1.5 million loan amount.

Asset Utilization Loan Highlights

First time homebuyers eligible
100% gift funds allowed for down payment and closing costs
Corporations and LLCs are accepted for investment properties

Borrowers Who Benefit

There are many different types of people who don’t qualify for conventional loans despite having the means to afford one.

Recognized as a top mortgage lender

Quontic’s loan officers may help make the loan process simple and seamless. With mortgage experience across multiple loan programs spanning decades, they are a diverse and multi-lingual team ready to walk you through each step of the mortgage process. And with hundreds of 5 star reviews from our customers, you can trust you’ll get a customized experience that makes your purchase or refinance goals a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

An asset utilization mortgage loan is a type of mortgage loan that allows borrowers to use their liquid assets, such as cash, stocks, or bonds, to qualify for a loan. This type of loan is often used by borrowers who have difficulty qualifying for a traditional mortgage loan.

The requirements for an asset utilization mortgage loan include having sufficient liquid assets to qualify for the loan, depending on the loan amount, having good credit and having a down payment of at least 20% or more, depending on loan amount and credit score.
Some of the benefits of an asset utilization mortgage loan include flexible lending criteria, no collateral, and quick approval.

To get an asset utilization mortgage loan, you will need to start by requesting to speak with a Quontic mortgage specialist. You will need to provide documentation of your liquid assets, such as bank statements, brokerage statements, or investment statements. We will then review your liquid assets to determine your eligibility for a loan.


1All lending products are subject to approval. Rates, program terms & conditions are subject to change without notice. Not all products are available in all states or for all amounts. This does not represent an offer to enter into a loan agreement. Other requirements, restrictions & limitations apply. Information is accurate as of May 31, 2023 & is subject to change without notice.

2The Federal Housing Agency based on single unit as of May 31, 2023

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