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Put A Ring On Your First Joint Checking Account

Quontic understands the significance of each step toward building a life with your partner – including opening your first joint bank account together. Our innovative Wearable Checking account offers a unique solution for couples committing to their shared financial growth.

Why Choose Wearable Checking?

Quontic’s Wearable Checking isn’t just any checking account—it’s a unique and convenient bank offering unlike any other. Move beyond traditional debit cards and say hello to the Pay Ring, a sleek and secure wearable that puts your debit card around your finger and comes free with each account. Here’s why Wearable Checking is the ultimate choice for couples entering this new chapter:

Newly Engaged Couples’ Dream Account:

Embarking on a shared life often starts with merging finances. Quontic’s Wearable Checking allows couples to initiate their financial journey together with a simple joint account opening process that takes 3 minutes or less to complete.

Pay Ring Doubles as a Wedding Band:

Two significant symbols—commitment and financial security—intertwined into one. Quontic’s Pay Ring doesn’t just serve as a debit card; it can also be used to represent your commitment as a couple, simplifying daily transactions while symbolizing your partnership. And as your balance grows, your Pay Ring could easily become the most valuable ring on your hands. 

Two is Better Than One: Get 2 Pay Rings Free:

The Wearable Checking account doesn’t just come with 1 free Pay Ring. You can add a second Pay Ring absolutely free of charge. 

No Fees, Just Uninterrupted Togetherness:

With no fees to worry about, you can keep your money where it matters most—preparing for your shared future. Wearable Checking has no monthly maintenance fees, no overdraft fees, and no foreign transaction fees (for that exotic honeymoon abroad). 

Convenient Access Anytime, Anywhere:

Our intuitive mobile app and online banking services make managing your finances a breeze. You and your partner can access your account anytime, anywhere, and stay in control of your financial goals.

Embrace the Future Together

As you take this monumental step towards forever together, Quontic’s Wearable Checking ensures that managing your finances is as seamless as your love story. Experience the fusion of convenience, practicality, and love with our Wearable Checking—because building a life together should start with financial ease.

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