Quontic's financial tools & calculators

Utilize Quontic’s financial calculators to plan for your future. With these helpful banking and home financing tools, be empowered to make the personal finance decisions that work best for you.


Get a glimpse of what your mortgage payments may be.

Weigh the decision of rent vs. buy to see what option may be best for you.

Find the estimates of how much money you may make selling your home.
Determine how much home you can possibly afford based on your current budget.
Analyze two home loan scenarios to identify which option suits your needs.
Estimate your monthly payments for an adjustable rate mortgage.
Gauge how much you could be saving with a home refinance.
Find the estimates of how much money you may make selling your home.

Learn the percentage of your debt payments divided by your gross monthly income.

Estimate what the closing costs for a mortgage may be.
Estimate your monthly loan payment by taking factors like home owners insurance into consideration.

Determine how much you may need for a down payment on a new home.


Assess the benefits of growing your savings over a long period of time.

Compound interest can impact the growth of your savings account.
Higher education costs are something you can plan for ahead of the first day of school.

7 figures may be attainable with the right planning and savings tools.

Determine what the future value of your savings plan could be.

Big purchases require planning. Find out what steps to take to save towards your goal.

Factor in emergency spending needs and essential spending needs if your income ever takes a downturn.
Use this calculator to find out how much interest you can earn between two different Certificates of Deposits.

Measure the annual return that you’ll receive if your CD was bought today and held until maturity.


Categorize your monthly spending to see where your money goes.

Balance your checkbook, digitally. Calculate a depiction of your checking account standings.

Align your expenses with your income to make sure your budget stays balanced.
A digitized piggy bank that helps you keep track of your pocket change.

An outlook on your liabilities and assets and how they come together to determine your net worth.

Figure out if it’s best to add more to your savings or pay down outstanding debt.

Calculate the financial pros and cons of staying at home or returning to work.


Assess the payment for debt consolidation loans and the time frame to pay them off.

Analyze if paying a loan every two weeks vs. monthly is a better method for your budget.

Know what to pay each month in order to settle your debt in full.

See the time allotment for paying off debt and the implications it may have with your monthly payment over time.

Uncover if making a large payment on a debt can save you in interest charges down the line.

Quantify your interest and transfer fees if you choose to transfer a credit card balance to another card.

See what would happen if you pay more towards a debt each month.

Calculate your loan payoff schedule based on the loan terms, amount, and interest rates.


Information and interactive calculators are made available to you as self-help tools for your independent use to help you determine how a loan, line of credit, or deposit account may affect your budget and are not intended to provide investment advice. The results offered are estimates and do not guarantee available loan terms, cost savings, tax benefits, etc. Quontic Bank cannot and does not guarantee their applicability or accuracy regarding your individual circumstances. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues.