Quontic's Banking Security Center

Our digital bank is committed to keeping your personal information and hard earned funds safe and secure. Learn more about the measures we take to safeguard your account as well as steps you can implement to keep your personal information private.

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How we protect you

At Quontic, we want to be transparent in how we secure and use your personal information. Check out our Security and Privacy Statements to learn more. Plus, here are some additional steps we take to ensure your account(s) and information are secure.

How We Protect Your Data

How We Protect Your Money

Have questions about how we help protect you that we didn’t cover here? Please contact us at [email protected].

Security tips
& guidance

What to do if you think your identity has been stolen

Identity theft is a grim reality that we may face when it comes to online transactions. Here are a few helpful steps to take in case your identity is stolen.
  • File a police report.
  • Report the fraud to the three major credit bureaus:
    • Equifax (800) 525-6286; www.equifax.com
    • Experian (888) 397-3742; www.experian.com
    • Trans Union (800) 680-7289; www.transunion.com
  • Call the Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft Hotline at (877) ID-THEFT.
  • Contact your creditors and close your accounts. Contact your bank as well.


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1FDIC insurance is applicable to eligible deposit accounts and up to the maximum allowed by law . Learn more at https://www.fdic.gov/resources/deposit-insurance/

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