Culture At Quontic Bank

Quontic empowers our employees to innovate, inspire, and change the communities in which they live and work. Our team members adopt our core values as a shared language and apply them to each and every interaction. From day one – they are met with an immersive onboarding experience to get comfortable & familiar with the Quontic brand. We’re creating a culture that’s meaningful, impactful, and inspirational.

Casey Christopher on Rethinking Workplace Culture: What Makes Quontic Different


Some Things We Do Differently

Primarily Remote Workforce
Collaboration doesn’t have to come in cubicle form. Our team members “clock in” coast-to-coast from 30 different states.

CEO-Led Monthly Meetings
Overcommunication doesn’t exist at Quontic and we like it that way. Every month, we hold all company meetings in an open forum to keep all team members informed about the health of the bank, upcoming events, and employee recognition.

Chief Empowerment Officer
Casey Christopher, our Chief Empowerment Officer, is intentional about bringing our culture to our remote team members through engagement opportunities and so much more. This unique role “empowers” our team members to share their voice & gives them the platform to initiate, participate in, and cultivate change at Quontic.

Work Hard, Play Hard
Bankers have fun, too! We offer company-wide virtual events including weekly trivia, team happy hours, and meditation & yoga, to help foster comradery and create more personal connections in a remote environment.

Core Values

At Quontic, our core values serve as the compass to every customer interaction, team project, and collaboration. We embody these philosophies in order to create a safe and comfortable ecosystem. Each month, we award team members who embody these Core Values in a stand-out way and show gratitude for their contribution to the team.

Know The Goal

“What is our desired outcome?” THAT is the bullseye in front of us for every discussion, every consideration, and every decision. With that in mind, we’re able to develop and implement a plan that’s strategic and purpose-driven.

Try It On

A major component of being innovative is the ability to be adaptable and open to new ideas. We encourage our team members to be supportive and receptive to the question, “What If?” As technology advances and the world continues to evolve, we’re unafraid to embrace change.


Progress is what matters, so we don’t let a desire for perfection prevent progress from happening. Our philosophy is always striving for excellence, but continuing the effort to reach the goal.

Embrace Conflict Respectfully

The only way to resolve a situation is to first acknowledge that there is one. That’s why we acknowledge the tough stuff and embrace it with a smile. Why? Conflict gives way to collaboration, which yields dynamic results.

Say Cheese

In most settings, if someone holds a camera up to you and says “say cheese” – you smile, and at Quontic, it’s no different. That positive mindset is core to who we are. Our team members tap into their optimistic selves in order to foster an encouraging and affirming environment for everyone.

Join The Quontic Team

With our humble beginnings as a community bank to now being recognized as one of the top online banks in the country, there’s nowhere for Quontic to go but up. As we continue to grow, we’re always looking for fresh, energetic, and motivated talent to join our team and help us make a difference in our customers’ lives.