How do I add an external account?

To add an external account, please follow the steps below. After the above steps are completed, Quontic Bank will deposit two test transactions into your external account. You should receive them in your external account within 1-2 business days. Once you do, please go back to quontic.com, log into your online banking profile and follow […]

Can I view my full account number in Online Banking?

Yes! When you are logged into online banking, click on the specific account you are needing the full number for. This will take you to the Account Detail screen where you will see an eye icon next to the last four digits of your account number. When you click this, you will see your full […]

What browsers are compatible with the new upgrade to online banking?

If you’re seeing a blank white screen once they have logged in to the upgraded online banking, it could be because you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer® as your internet browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported by the upgraded online banking. Try one of following supported browsers instead: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla® Firefox®, […]

What will I see when I log in for the first time after the upgrade?

When you first log in, you will see a more updated look and feel to your online banking! All linked external accounts, bill pay payees and transaction history will transfer over so there is nothing you will need to do for this upgrade. Please keep in mind that the online banking functionality will remain the […]