NEW YORKQuontic Bank now offers its customers access to an additional 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs throughout the United States as part of a new partnership with MoneyPass®, one of the nation’s largest surcharge-free ATM networks.

MoneyPass® Network ATMs – conveniently placed at other financial institutions and retailers – are found within Quontic Bank’s branch footprint, as well as nationwide. Complementing and expanding upon Quontic Bank’s existing fleet of ATMs, the MoneyPass® surcharge-free ATM network makes accessing cash quick, easy and surcharge-free for Quontic Bank customers.

“Nobody likes paying ATM fees. That’s just common sense. When we founded Quontic Bank, we wanted to create a Member FDIC bank that has as few fees as possible,” said Steven Schnall, chairman and CEO of Quontic Bank.

“We realize that it may not always be convenient for our customers to come to the Quontic Bank branch when they need cash, so they shouldn’t be penalized if they need to pull cash from an ATM located elsewhere. That’s why we’re happy to grow our surcharge-free ATM offerings through MoneyPass®.”

Quontic Bank customers already have surcharge-free access to any Citibank® branch ATM in the U.S., as well as at more than 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide through the Allpoint® Network. The addition of MoneyPass® and its 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs gives Quontic Bank customers even more convenience.

“MoneyPass® enables a financial institution to provide convenient, affordable access to their cash,” said Douglas Miraglia, president of MoneyPass®.

“We’re honored that Quontic Bank chose to participate in the MoneyPass® Network. Our nationwide surcharge-free ATM coverage helps support their wide ranging locations, allowing them to expand their ATM fleet coast-to-coast.”

Quontic Bank customers can easily find MoneyPass® surcharge-free ATMs using its online locator at www.moneypass.com. The MoneyPass® ATM Locator app is also free to download for Apple and Google smartphones, allowing users to search for MoneyPass® surcharge-free ATMs by entering an address or ZIP code or using a current location.

About Quontic Bank

Quontic Bank is a Member FDIC bank, headquartered in New York City and located in a growing number of states. We offer everything from checking and savings accounts to small business loans and home mortgages, as well as online and mobile banking. Our goal is to provide 5-star customer service while making banking easy and the mortgage process hassle-free. Learn more at www.quontic.com.

About MoneyPass®

MoneyPass® is a network of Elan Financial Services, one of the nation’s leading providers of comprehensive ATM and debit card processing solutions for financial institutions, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), and retailers. MoneyPass® provides surcharge-free access at 28,000 ATMs across the United States, allowing cardholders to access their money where they live, work, and travel. With more than 1,700 participating organizations and 90 million active cards, the MoneyPass® Network places an emphasis on cost-efficient membership options, flexible terms, and accessible locations. For more information, visit www.moneypass.com.

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