NEW YORK — The New York-based financial institution will be an early adopter of Zelle®, to enable consumers to send fast person-to-person payments to nearly anyone with a U.S. bank account.

Quontic Bank announced today that it will join Early Warning’s Zelle Network® to offer customers a fast, safe and easy way to make person-to-person (P2P) payments. Quontic Bank will be among the first community banks to launch Zelle®, thanks to its partnership with global financial services provider, FIS.

Zelle® will be embedded in the Quontic Bank mobile app in Q1 2018, providing Quontic Bank customers access to fast and easy payments. Zelle® allows for funds to be sent from one bank account to another typically within minutes, when both parties are enrolled, using only a recipient’s email address or mobile number.

The number of financial institutions in the Zelle® Network has grown to more than 50; with 13 financial institutions currently live with Zelle® and more launching weekly.

“Quontic Bank is proud to be an early adopter of Zelle® as we are focused on delivering our customers the latest digital offerings and innovations,” said Steven Schnall, chairman and CEO of Quontic Bank. “Integrating Zelle® into our Quontic Bank Mobile app helps answer growing customer demand for money movement.”

“Working with Quontic Bank is in line with our strategy to provide a fast and ubiquitous P2P payments solution for financial institutions of all sizes,” said Lou Anne Alexander, group president, payments Early Warning.

“Zelle® and Quontic Bank will continue to help make customers’ financial lives easier by providing fast, safe and convenient payment options with their friends and family.”

The Send Money with Zelle® feature will be conveniently available in the Quontic Bank Mobile app early next year. Zelle® makes digital payments an easy, fast and safe alternative to checks and cash for the 86 million mobile banking customers with access to the Zelle® Network.

  • Using Zelle, Quontic Bank customers will soon have the ability to deliver P2P and disbursements payments that are:
    Easy: Embedded right in the Quontic Bank Mobile app
  • Fast: Connected to the Zelle® Network for payment transaction processing typically within minutes if the recipient is enrolled with Zelle®. Money is sent directly from one bank account to another.
  • Safe: Backed by the security of Quontic Bank.

About Quontic Bank

Quontic Bank is a Member FDIC bank, headquartered in New York City and located in a growing number of states. We offer everything from checking and savings accounts to small business loans and home mortgages, as well as online and mobile banking. Our goal is to provide 5-star customer service while making banking easy and the mortgage process hassle-free. Learn more at www.quontic.com.

About Zelle®

Brought to you by Early Warning, an innovator in payment and risk management solutions, Zelle makes it easy, fast and safe for money to move. The Zelle Network® connects the nation’s leading financial institutions, enabling consumers to send fast person-to-person payments to nearly anyone with a U.S. bank account. Funds are available directly in consumer bank accounts generally within minutes when the recipient is already enrolled with Zelle. To learn more about Zelle and its participating financial institutions, visit http://www.zellepay.com.

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