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Quontic’s Commitment to Developing Our Team Members

There’s one thing that really excites me about Quontic’s goals;
One thing that makes this bank stand apart from the rest.

Quontic strives to be a destination employer.
At Quontic, we’re striving to create a work culture that attracts the brightest minds and the best people to want to come join our team. In an effort to cultivate this kind of environment, we’ve put a lot of importance on being able to successfully onboard and train our team members as they begin the next chapter of their careers with us.

But growth and development doesn’t end there.

We get it: Times are changing and so are our colleagues. That’s why we’re committed to developing our team members as they grow in their journey with us. We believe it helps both the success of our organization, but also the skills of team members in whatever direction their careers lead them to next.

Creating Culture Through Core Values
We have a culture of continuous improvement. Our processes and people are living proof of this. We take action on our core values, and these values are what makes us who we are. It all starts with Progress, Not Perfection. We’re encouraging our team to have an open mind, take risks, and be unafraid to fail. It’s not about being 100% perfect, but trying enough that we can come close.

Which leads to the next one: Try It On. Try new things and get out of your comfort zone. We love having the ability to wear different hats at Quontic so that our roles and positions don’t feel like boxes we’re trapped in. We’re all in this together and our culture is a reflection of this kind of collaboration.

To work in this kind of setting, we need to Know the Goal and move toward it as a team.

And finally, we can’t stress how important it is to just Say Cheese once in a while. Have fun and smile more!

These core values are what makes us proud to call Quontic team members. But they wouldn’t mean as much if we weren’t taking actionable steps to achieve this kind of professional development.

Tangible Initiatives
One unique initiative being taken is our Quontic Learning Board. This is our way of gamifying learning. We can reward development across the entire organization, and you earn rewards corresponding to how much time you want to invest your personal and professional development. The classes are free, and the objective is to help our folks grow both personally and professionally. Learning varies from an MBTI (Myers Briggs Talent Index) course, to finance classes. You can even earn points by reading about books that helped shape our organization, so you can really get to know the roots of Quontic and its history. And one of the cool perks to this is that you can earn free Quontic swag by taking part in these learnings.

As our team members tackle these challenges, they need training programs that can keep up. For example, our Emerging Leader Program identifies potential leaders, sets them up with monthly training sessions with certified facilitators to teach them the foundations of leadership, and gives them resources to successfully lead. We’re always looking for potential and for people to succeed as they grow with us.

How To Measure Success
Our success is measured in the way we see most fit—by our people.

We look for feedback at every level and in every department. One of the ways we can do this effectively is through our engagement survey. We also have an all-company meeting each month. These are just two ways we welcome feedback so we can make sure we’re hitting the mark, and re-adjust if we’re not.

Moreover, there’s an engagement council that meets every month to ensure this. This committee is here to make sure our team members truly have a voice. We feel confident this is truly making a difference due to the high response rates of our surveys. People know that we’re going to take action, and we make it clear when we roll out programs inspired by our team. A simple “because you asked, we present you with this” can really go a long way. It almost sounds too simple, but it works.

Creating a Balance
Personal and professional development are attached at the hip. You can’t have one without the other.

You might think this next point goes without saying, but let me say it: We treat our team like team members. They’re people. And this is why we strive to help them develop personally as well as professionally.

One of our most important resources is our personal finance courses. We help people budget so they can make the most of their money. We also host monthly events so our team feels empowered and revitalized. In practice, this looks like monthly events that are just for fun, like a wine and chocolate pairing class! Team members are free to include their friends and family at these events, which can make it all the more beneficial. My wife and I were even able to buy wine AND network—that’s a win-win if you ask me. There’s also a huge service component to our culture at Quontic. We believe in being active members of our different communities and taking part in service projects whenever they’re available.

Some companies think training is a thing that you do periodically and that’s it. While we do have great training programs for our whole team, we also have training programs for senior leaders and managers called Leading Others. Everyone gets an opportunity to develop, grow deeper into their role (or whatever they want their next role to be). We’re learning at all levels. Talk to our CEO, Steve Schnall on any day and he’ll tell you what book he’s reading.

Obviously I’m biased, but we’re really doing something cool here—from the products that we offer, to how we hire, and of course who we hire. We have all the components that people look for when looking for a job they’ll love. Meaningful, diverse, and opportunities to grow from within the organization. Quontic is the place to be.

Visit www.quontic.com/careers to learn more about open positions. Find something you’re skilled at and love to do, and come join us.

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