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How much would your ideal life cost? The answer may surprise you

Whether your dream life is owning a fancy car, living in a big house or traveling the world, there’s a way to reach it — and it might not cost as much as you think.  

Dreams often do come with a price tag, but if you’re optimistic and willing to be creative, your dream life may be in closer financial reach than you think.

Ideal Life: Car Enthusiast

Picture this: You’re speeding down the Pacific Coast Highway in a little red convertible, top down, the wind blowing through your hair. 

The price of an average luxury car is in the range of $70,000 to $100,000. But you can achieve your dream of driving your dream car for a far more reasonable price by splurging on a luxury rental for a day. 

They’re still not cheap — luxury rentals can run over $1,000 a day. But if you’re looking for the dream car experience without the dream car bills, a luxury rental could satisfy your need for speed.

If your dream is car collecting, you still have an affordable way in. Luxury auto shows, supercar events and international auto shows give you a chance to see and experience the highest quality vehicles without building that 37-car garage you’ve had your eye on. Tickets to this type of show are usually only around $20 to $40, with additional exhibits costing a little extra.  

Ideal Life: World Traveler

You might dream of being a world traveler. With flight and transit tickets becoming more expensive and requirements for entering some countries becoming more stringent, enjoying a leisurely vacation on the Riviera might seem out of reach. 

But you can still reach your travel dreams in a cost effective way. Find lodging without emptying your pockets anywhere you want to travel by house-sitting.

Websites like House Sitters America, Luxury House Sitters and Nomadors offer access to a database of beautiful homes in vacation spots that need sitters. For a small fee, you can find opportunities to stay in a gorgeous home in the destination of your choice for absolutely free. Sometimes you might even be paid for the hard work of hanging out in a three-story house with hardwood floors, a new kitchen and a backyard jacuzzi!

Some people have also figured out how to see the world through volunteering.

Volunteer tourism, a.k.a. voluntourism, is a type of travel that’s focused on volunteering with an organization that takes you to another country. Choose your organization wisely to avoid ethical concerns, and voluntourism can be a way to give back to the world while also getting to know local people and cultures first hand. 

Ideal Life: Fashionista

If you dream of making best-dressed lists, you already know designer duds don’t come cheap. But don’t let that stop you.

You can rent luxury fashion items for a temporary splurge to satisfy your imagination. Renting fashion is surprisingly affordable. Purchase a membership with Rent The Runway or Armoire, and you can dress top to toe in the latest couture for as little as $30 per piece. All items are professionally cleaned, and some services let you rent pieces indefinitely. If you only want that Chanel jumpsuit for two seasons, this is a great way to have it affordably without the hassle of reselling it later. 

You couldalso get in on the cutting edge of fashion by patronizing your local indie and emerging designers. Local fashion shows and boutique trunk shows are great ways to find classic and statement pieces that could potentially age into fame later. It’s a little riskier than renting known designers, but if you dream of standing out stylistically, this is a great way to do it on a budget.

Ideal Life: Patron of the Arts

Some of us dream of visiting the Mona Lisa, seeing our favorite actors on Broadway and spending evenings at the symphony. 

If a night at the theatre sounds ideal, start with your local arts district. Many Broadway shows get their start as previews in smaller markets or get their second wind as national touring shows. Catching them locally lets you see the best of the stage without the trip to New York and high-priced tickets. The same goes for touring musicians, traveling art exhibits and lots of other cultural events.

Or make the trip to the cultural hub, and find special passes or same-day tickets to events. If you’re not picky about what you see — or if you’re in a place where nearly everything is worth seeing, like New York or London — these tickets and passes are the gateway to witnessing artistic greatness firsthand.   

Ideal Life: Peace and Perspective

An ideal life is not always defined by what you spend. Imagining your dream life is also a chance to think about what really matters. Some dreams have deeper motivations and don’t cost anything, once you get to the bottom of them. 

Think about what’s at the center of your images of an ideal life. If you dream of traveling the world, and every plan you come up with includes a partner at your side, perhaps your real ideal isn’t a flight to Spain, but a meaningful romantic relationship. If your dreams of driving a fast car all center around the thrill of moving fast, the car may not be the center of your true ideal life. Taking more risks might be your key to happiness.  

Whatever you decide your ideal life entails, know your dreams are achievable. Being creative about how you reach your goals may bring them in closer reach. Thinking more deeply about what lies at the heart of your ideal life can help you decide what matters to you the most and give you the strength to pursue it.

Quontic Bank cannot and does not guarantee the information applicability or accuracy regarding your individual circumstances. This is not financial advice, nor should it constitute or be construed as instruction for any individual reader, or group of readers, to act or make a decision in any financial capacity. Seeking independent, professional consultation from a qualified and licensed expert is always the optimum avenue in making financial decisions.

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