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Goodbye Fees

As the adaptive digital bank, Quontic is committed to helping our customers grow their money with purpose. With some of the highest APYs in the country, and one of the most innovative accounts in the industry; we’re always working to find new ways to be more inclusive and helpful so our customers feel empowered when making financial decisions.

That’s why, as of January 1, 2022, Quontic is eliminating or lowering 12 fees associated with our deposit accounts, including overdraft fees and incoming wire transfer fees. Other fees we’re saying goodbye to or reducing include:

  • Activity Statement fee from $5 to $0
  • Cashier’s Check fee from $10 to $0
  • Dormant Account fee from $10/Monthly to $5/Monthly
  • Fax/Photocopies from $2 to $0
  • Overdraft/NSF from $35 to $0
  • Incoming Wire Transfer from $10 to $0
  • Check/statement photocopy from $5 to $0
  • Activity printout from $1.50 to $0
  • Money order from $4 to $0
  • Foreign collections from $30 to $0
  • Outgoing collections from $20 to $0
  • Excessive check fee from $10 to $0
  • Electronic statement fee from $5 to $0

Additionally, we do not charge monthly maintenance service fees on our accounts.

We want our customers to have even more access to their hard-earned funds without the red tape of fees and restrictions. As an all-digital bank, we encourage banking on your own terms—whenever you want, anytime you want with our online banking platform and dynamic mobile app too.

Learn more about other banking features and join us on our mission to break the mold of traditional banking by signing up for an account.


Information is subject to change and is as of January 11, 2022

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