What if I don’t know my ring size?

During the ring ordering process, you will be asked if you’d like to order a free ring sizing kit. We highly recommend that you choose to order a sizing kit before submitting your ring size. Ring sizes and ring sizers can vary across the industry. Sizing kits are free of charge and help to ensure […]

I’ve ordered my Quontic Payment Ring, now what?

Once you receive your ring in the mail, check your inbox for an email you received when you submitted your ring order from [email protected]. It contains a unique link to activate your ring. You will need the activation sticker located on the plastic ring box wrapper. If you have an issue with activating your ring, please […]

How to physically use your Ring

It’s important to use the correct hand gesture when using your Ring at a compatible contactless terminal. For the terminal to detect your Ring reliably, it is best to use a ‘knocking’ gesture with your hand. Simply approach the terminal as if you were going to knock on it and hold your fist in position […]