What if my Ring doesn’t fit?

If your ring does not fit, please contact customer service at 1-800-908-6600. If the ring fits on another finger than the original finger you intended, we suggest trying it out to avoid the returning process.

How to physically use your Ring

It’s important to use the correct hand gesture when using your Ring at a compatible contactless terminal. For the terminal to detect your Ring reliably, it is best to use a ‘knocking’ gesture with your hand. Simply approach the terminal as if you were going to knock on it and hold your fist in position […]

I’ve ordered my Quontic Payment Ring, now what?

Once you receive your ring in the mail, check your inbox for an email you received when you submitted your ring order from [email protected] It contains a unique link to activate your ring. You will need the activation sticker located on the plastic ring box wrapper. If you have an issue with activating your ring, please […]