What if I do not remember my user ID or password?

If you forget your user ID or password, you should visit Quontic’s Online Banking website and follow the instructions for retrieving and/or resetting your credentials. You may also contact customer service for assistance.

What happens if I don’t allow my device to “Remember Me?”

The “Remember Me” prompt enables your device to recall your Mobile Banking registration so that you are not presented with challenge questions every time you log in. If you select “Off” once prompted, you will be required to answer the challenge questions each time you log in to Mobile Banking.

Can I save my user ID on my device?

If applicable, you may save your user ID by selecting “On” when a “Save My User ID” or “Remember Me” option is prompted. For enhanced security, your user ID will then be presented in a masked format, hiding some of the characters. You may also opt-out of saving your user ID at a later time […]