Get 1.5% Bitcoin

on All Eligible Debit Card Purchases1

Introducing Bitcoin Rewards Checking from Quontic Bank – the first of its kind. Minimum opening deposit of $500. We’re launching in select states to start.

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The checking account and the money in your checking account are FDIC insured, but the bitcoin held by NYDIG, is not FDIC insured.

How Easy It Is

1. Use your Quontic Debit Card

Use your Bitcoin Rewards debit card to make purchases.

2. Earn Bitcoin

Eligible debit card transactions will receive Bitcoin Rewards at the U.S. dollar value of 1.5%1.

3. Manage your Bitcoin

Keep as a store of wealth or redeem Bitcoin for US dollars (full redemption required – available once per month).


Our CEO, Steve Schnall, On Why Bitcoin Rewards Checking

Why did we create Bitcoin Rewards Checking?

Quontic exists to break from the traditional banking mold and offer its customers something that is unique. With most checking accounts, banks earn “interchange fees” every time a customer uses its debit card and they typically offer nothing to the customer in return. Instead, Quontic is essentially passing these earnings on to its customers in the form of Bitcoin.

What Makes Bitcoin Rewards Checking so groundbreaking?

Our Bitcoin Rewards Checking account has no monthly service fees and is the first debit card in the US which rewards consumers with Bitcoin. As compared to other rewards – airline miles or credit card points – Bitcoin rewards has the opportunity to appreciate. Also, Bitcoin Rewards Checking gives those customers new to cryptocurrency the opportunity to earn free Bitcoin simply by banking with us and using their debit card.

Eligible States

Due to current licensing, your primary address must be in one of the following states to open a bitcoin rewards account: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. We will be adding additional states in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

On a daily basis, 1.5% of each Qualified Point of Sale (POS) purchase with your Quontic debit card will accrue in US dollars and then be used to purchase Bitcoin on your behalf on the following business day at 4pm London Time. As long as you continue to make qualifying purchases with your Quontic debit card, each daily bitcoin purchase will be added to your balance in your NYDIG account until you decide to redeem it.

Please note that a POS debit card transaction MUST post and settle on your account to be a Qualifying POS Debit Card Transaction. Transactions may NOT be in a pending status to be a Qualifying POS Debit Card Transaction. 

Point of sale transactions using your debit card will earn bitcoin rewards. This includes purchases in-store and online. ATM withdrawals, transfers, bill payments, writing checks, ACH payments, and wire transfers will not earn bitcoin rewards.

No your bitcoin rewards will not expire as long as you keep your Bitcoin Rewards checking account open. 

The dollar to bitcoin value fluctuates and the market price is based on an exchange price.

The checking account and the money in your checking account are FDIC insured, but the bitcoin held by NYDIG, is not FDIC insured.

No, receipt of bitcoin rewards received from Quontic Bank in exchange for eligible debit card transactions are not taxable to you. There may be a tax liability associated with your sale or transfer of bitcoins. Please consult with your tax advisor.

NYDIG charges a 2% fee to redeem your bitcoin into cash. This will be deducted from the proceeds of the redemption before NYDIG transfers the proceeds to your Bitcoin Rewards Checking account with Quontic. Quontic does not charge any additional fees to redeem your bitcoin.

Yes, you will receive a debit card after opening and funding your account.

You cannot purchase additional bitcoin from NYDIG related to your Quontic Bitcoin Rewards Checking account.

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Ask for details. Additional terms, conditions, fees & exclusions may apply. Rates may change without notice. Some accounts may require a minimum average daily balance for the statement cycle to avoid service charges. If the account is closed before interest and/or bonus is credited, accrued interest and/or bonus may be forfeited for that statement cycle. Fees could reduce earnings. In order to sign up for online banking, you must have a Quontic Bank account. Mobile banking requires enrollment through online banking. Data connection required. Wireless carrier fees may apply. There is no charge from Quontic Bank for account alerts, but message & data rates may apply. Mobile check deposit is available for select mobile devices. Subject to eligibility & further review. Deposits are subject to verification & not available for immediate withdrawal. Deposit limits & other restrictions may apply. Online Account Opening is only available to consumers. Ask for details. Data connection required to open an account online. Wireless carrier fees may apply. Application is subject to approval & further review. Information is accurate as of the date listed below and may change without notice.

December 21, 2020

1Applications are subject to approval. There are geographic, regulatory, and other restrictions that may apply. Bitcoin Reward Checking is currently available in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Bitcoin Reward Checking account is a non-interest bearing personal checking account, requires a minimum of $500.00 to open the account, and does not require a minimum daily balance to earn Bitcoin rewards. Qualifying Point of Sale (POS) Debit Card Transactions (“Eligible Debit Card Transactions”) shall receive Bitcoin Rewards at the U.S. dollar value of 1.50% on all Qualifying POS Debit Card Transactions that post and settle to the Bitcoin Rewards Checking Account during the prior monthly statement cycle. No Bitcoin Rewards will be paid if the Qualifying POS Debit Card Transaction requirements are not met or if the requirements for establishing an account with NYDIG Execution LLC (“NYDIG Account”), which is authorized by the New York State Department of Financial Services to engage in virtual currency business activity, are not met. Fees and terms are subject to change. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Balances of Bitcoin Rewards and/or digital assets in your NYDIG Account are not subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) protections.The following are not Qualifying POS Debit Card Transactions and do not count toward earning Bitcoin Rewards: ATM-processed transactions; transfers between accounts; purchases made with debit cards not issued by the Bank; cash over portions of POS transactions; Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments (such as Apple Pay Cash); loan payments or account funding made with your debit card and purchases made using third-party payment accounts (services such as Venmo® and PayPal™, who also provide P2P payments). Information is published as of March 11, 2021.