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No Room for Innovators in Banking: Is It Myth or Reality?

Banking isn’t for innovators? We’re busting that myth. Big changes are already happening in banking, and whether you realize it or not, you’re going to want to be a part of it.

Admit it — When you picture bankers, you envision men in black suits clocking in and out of their 9-5 job at a brick-and-mortar bank. You might assume that all bankers are numbers guys, with a passion for money and mortgages. It might even seem like the extent of banking “perks” are lollipops you got on your visits to the bank as a kid. And it would behoove us to acknowledge that this is the reputation that the banking industry has accrued over the years.

But the world of banking is changing, and the lines between banking and other industries have started to blur. Neobanks like Quontic are redefining what it means to be a financial institution through our banking products, mortgage solutions, and our unique company culture.

How is Quontic innovating?

We have to look at innovation within the banking industry both internally and externally. On a high level, we’re quite literally changing what it means to be a bank. We’ve started by creating real change that puts convenience and customer needs at the center of our operation.

When it comes to customer needs, we’re known as the bank that understands customers who don’t fit into the “box.” We’ve always had a diverse team, and we’ve always attracted diverse customers. Today, we largely provide loans to immigrants, minorities, small business owners, and gig economy workers.

And guess what? We’ve innovated to create products, like our Non-Traditional Mortgage programs, to meet our unique customer needs.

For Quontic, innovation has also meant going all-in on digital. Just like streaming killed the video store, we caught on early to the rising demand for online banking. Why go all the way to a brick-and-mortar branch when you can make financial transactions from your fingertips?

But to do digital, you have to do it right. Our goal to ensure that our customers are more than just satisfied, paired with our mission as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), has spurred us to launch innovative deposit products.

The result has been products like our Bitcoin Rewards Checking account. We created the first debit card in the US that allows you the ability to earn bitcoin through everyday purchases. We also offer one of the highest yield checking and savings accounts on the market.

In order to offer products like these, innovators at Quontic asked ourselves, “What Makes a Neobank Disruptive?” We realized that if we offered deposit products that are not intended necessarily for our low-income consumers, but rather to drive significant volumes of deposits, that we can then use them to make mortgage loans to low-income households and in low-income communities, and follow through on our mission as a CDFI.

Banks as a whole aren’t thinking this way yet, but we know they will. And it’s the innovator-led institutions that will pioneer these kinds of developments that shape the future of the industry.

We believe that innovation cultivates internally.

Innovation is the crossroads of culture and technology. Without the right culture, it’s hard to say whether the right ideas will be fostered. Quontic is an incubator that shows what you can achieve when a higher priority is placed on culture, team member engagement, and just having fun at work.

We love to move fast, dress casually, try new things, and meet our team members where they are and innovate to create cool products that the banking industry hasn’t seen before.

Look at it this way, a better culture leads to happier team members. Happier team members, in turn, can be productive and achieve creative success when given the freedom to think outside the box. And having core values like ours allows our team to understand that it’s okay to make mistakes, and new ideas can certainly be worth the risk.

Quontic has sights set on becoming a destination employer and doing whatever it takes to be that.

If you’re somebody who likes to break the mold, there’s a good chance you’re what we’re looking for. Outside-the-box thinkers are what make Quontic tick. If you’re interested in joining a team that welcomes your creativity with open arms, search for available positions on our website and apply today.

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