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Is Quontic Bank legitimate?

Being the small and scrappy kid on the block sometimes means having to prove yourself. We get it. And we don’t shrink from your questions.

First: How do you say Quontic?

We made a fun video explaining that:

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Is Quontic Bank Legit?

Much of banking is dominated by the big names we all know. At Quontic, we want to give you alternatives to them. That means offering accounts without their big overdraft fees and access to your money with the tap of a hand thanks to our Pay Ring.

But it’s logical to want to be cautious where your money is concerned. So we’re not surprised that people ask “Is Quontic Bank Legit?” when they’re considering banking with us but they haven’t heard of us.

The answer to “Is Quontic Bank legit?” is “Absolutely.” We’re a FDIC member bank just like the big banks. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a piece from Forbes answering the question. In fact, Forbes named us Best Overall Online Bank of 2022.

Quontic was founded on the idea that banking can be done in new ways. That’s why we became a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution), so we could offer loan packages that may be better suited to how people live and work today. That’s why we did away with some of our fees, including overdraft fees. That’s why we have a presence in the metaverse and introduced Bitcoin Rewards checking. We’re all about innovating and giving customers what they need, not just the same old thing that they’ve had to settle for.

And if that means some people don’t yet know how to say our name, we’re okay with that. They will.

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