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Grace Pace

Get to Know Us: 5 Questions with Grace Pace

Why did you choose Quontic as your employer?
The magnetic culture and the “breaking the mold” mindset was very intriguing to me. I felt that I was at a turning point in my career and with the world rapidly changing—requiring individuals and industries to adjust—it was a no-brainer to join a bank that’s mission is to be adaptive and re-think the way things have always been done.

If you could have entrance music play when you come into the office, what would it be?
Something uplifting for sure. 😊

Define the word Quontic, for the dictionary:
Quontic (noun): An adaptive bank that values growth from within and works to position itself as a catalyst for change in the financial services industry by way of innovative products, services and partnerships.

Quick, name another word that starts with “Q”:

Why does breaking the system for financial empowerment matter to you, personally?
My first job was in banking and I have been sucked in ever since. Breaking the system for financial empowerment matters to me because it allows me to continue my career in financial services by allowing for innovation and evolution so that this industry and those we serve can thrive.

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