We will send you a Maturity Notice before your CD’s maturity date. There is a 10 calendar day grace period during which you may withdraw principal without penalty or renew your CD with the same term. You may also close your CD and open a new one with a different term.

The grace period begins on the day after the CD maturity date and runs for ten calendar days (maturity date plus 10 days). To make changes or close your CD, please call us at 1-800-908-6600 during the 10-day grace period. You can also make the request via secure messaging in Online Banking by going to ‘Self Service’ and ‘Secure Messaging’ or you can email us at [email protected].

If you do not contact us by the end of the 10-day grace period (and we do not send you a notice of non-renewal), your CD will automatically renew for another term. The interest rate upon renewal will be set at Quontic Banks then-current rate for similar term CDs. The renewal term will begin (retroactively) on the day after the maturity date of the previous CD term.

The principal balance for the renewal term will be the total balance in the CD (principal plus the interest that was not previously withdrawn) on the date the CD account is renewed. Your CD will continue to earn the current interest rate during the 10-day grace period. A confirmation will be sent verifying the renewal terms.