What do I need to open a checking account?

When you open an account, to validate your identify we will ask for: your name address date of birth social security number We may also ask for a valid U.S. government-issued ID. There is a minimum required amount to open an account. You will fund your account via online transfer from an account you have […]

How do I make a direct deposit?

Setting up a direct deposit is easy with a Quontic Bank Account Switch Form. You may request an account switch form by emailing [email protected]. You may also contact the originator of the direct deposit for instructions on how to set one up.

What is a monthly maintenance fee?

A monthly maintenance fee is a fee charged at the end of each month for the required maintenance of your account. If your account balance totals less than the monthly fee, you will be charged only the amount of your available balance and no more. If your account balance is $0.00 for the entire month, […]

How can I switch banks?

Opening an account with Quontic is easy, quick, and secure. Go to www.quontic.com, select the account you want to open, and you will be guided through the online account opening process.