What is an external transfer?

Quontic may make it possible for a customer to initiate and conduct external transfers through Quontic online banking with limitations. A transaction is considered an outbound external transfer if funds are transferred out of your Quontic Bank accounts into your Non-Quontic Bank Accounts. Once you have access to external transfers, you can link your non-Quontic […]

What is an ACH transfer?

An ACH transfer is the most common form of electronic money movement. Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a network that electronically processes transactions for financial institutions. These transfers typically take a few business days to process and for the money to be available in the receiving account. When you transfer funds from an account at […]

What is a wire transfer?

A wire transfer is a form of electronic money movement that transfers money in real-time from the sending account to the receiving account at another bank. These types of transfers are less common and often require you to pay a fee and interact directly with a person at the bank either in-person or over the […]