How do you retrieve bills from my biller’s website?

First, you register with your biller’s website. Then, you provide us with your user ID and password, and we’ll go to your biller’s website and retrieve your bill for you each month. That way, you can come to one place and see all your bills. A bill that we scrape or retrieve directly from your […]

What are e-bills and are there different types of e-bills?

E-bills are any bill that you receive in your bill inbox, and they basically fall into two types: 1. The first type is an electronic bill that we receive from one of your billers and which we redirect to you. 2. The second type is a bill we retrieve from your biller’s website and present […]

Are bill payments to payees retrieved from the biller’s website made electronically?

The presentation of bills we retrieve from your biller’s website and EFT payment are distinctly separate technology initiatives. The fact that a payee is enabled for the presentation is not necessarily an indication that they can accept payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Depending on the particular payee’s capabilities, payments are issued either electronically or […]