When will you notify me if a bill is about to become overdue?

One of our primary goals is to help you eliminate past due bills and expensive late fees. We will send you an email if a bill is due in 10 days (you can change the default number),  and we have not received any payment instructions from you. If you do not want to make a […]

When will I be notified that a bill has been paid?

For a paper check: you will receive a payment confirmation email when your check is cut and mailed. For an electronic payment: you will receive a payment confirmation email when the electronic payment is initiated.

Can I choose what notifications are sent to me?

Yes, you can select all of the alerts you wish to receive on the “Alert Preferences” page. Additionally, if you want to manage a specific alert for an individual payee, you can do so in the payee details.

When do you contact me regarding my account?

We use email notifications to keep in touch with you about your account. As our customer, you may choose to receive emails in the following situations: When a bill is received. When a bill has not been received X days before the billing date. When no payment has been scheduled X days before the payment […]