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No wallet no problem
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No wallet no problem

Kenneth from New York City likes to stay on top of tech developments. That’s why he was eager to get himself a wearable payment device. He had payment options on his phone, but didn’t appreciate their limitations. He didn’t like the uneasy feeling of possibly having his battery die just when he needed to pay for the subway or for lunch.

So when he learned about Quontic’s Pay Ring, he ordered one right away. It lived up to his expectations! Hear Kenneth’s story about the time he forgot his wallet… but the Quontic Pay Ring meant that it wasn’t a problem at all.

Kenneth is the kind of person who loves to talk about the new things he’s excited about. He’s already told several friends about the many ways he’s used his new Pay Ring, and we’re so grateful he took the time to tell all of you about his experiences, too.

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