How do I deactivate a payee?

You may manage your payees by logging onto our Online Banking website and accessing the list of payees. Once you have the list open, you may choose to deactivate a payee.

How to handle a dispute with a payee?

If you have an issue with a bill or a specific item on a bill, contact the payee directly. Remember, you may pay whatever amount you desire in Quontic Bill Pay while you are disputing any item.

How do I cancel a payment on my mobile device?

To cancel a payment, select the “Bill Pay” option from the main menu, then select “Scheduled.” The system will respond with a list of payments currently scheduled and unpaid. Choose the payment you wish to cancel. The system will display the payment details. From this screen, select “Cancel Payment.” The system will then ask you […]

How can I see previous bill payments on my mobile device?

To view previously paid bills, select the “Bill Pay” option from the main menu and then select “Recent.” Your display will refresh with a list of completed bill payments in a summary format. Select an item to see payment details.