How do I pay a bill?

To pay a bill, select the “Bill Pay” option from the main menu, then select “Pay Bill.” A simple flow guides you through choosing the payee, the payment account, send or due date, and amount. Then, you may enter an optional memo.

Where do I enroll for Quontic Mobile Bill Pay?

You enroll for Quontic Bill Pay through your internet Online Banking account. Once enrolled, you will be able to access Quontic Bill Pay on your mobile device. You must be enrolled for both Online banking and Quontic Bill Pay before you may use Quontic Mobile Banking and Quontic Mobile Bill Pay.

What is Quontic Mobile Bill Pay?

Quontic Mobile Bill Pay allows you to pay bills online or via a mobile device anytime, anywhere – saving you time and money on envelopes and stamps. It is an optional service you can use with your Online or Mobile Banking account.