How do I get cash back?

Just use your Quontic Debit Card for everyday Qualifying Point of Sale (POS) purchases! Qualifying point of sale (POS) debit card transactions shall receive 1.00% cash back that post and settle to the account each statement cycle up to an aggregate total $50 per statement cycle. The following activities are not considered POS debit card […]

When do I get my reward?

Your cash back reward will be paid and deposited into your checking account at the beginning of each new statement cycle.

Can I take money out of my account?

Yes, you can spend your money like any other checking accounts. You will be able to sign up for Online Banking, Mobile Banking and be provided with a Quontic Debit Card.

Can I add money to my account?

Yes! You can easily add money to your account through remote check deposit via our convenient Mobile App, by setting up direct deposit from your work, by mailing a check, depositing money via ACH, or by wire.