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Dan Rowe


Catholic Health Services of Long Island

Daniel Rowe is a well-versed financial executive with an impressive record of catalyzing growth over decades in positions like CAO and CFO at large commercial banks. As a skilled financial analyst, Daniel has gleaned excellent administrative skills in regard to ALM strategies, Compliance, M & A management, retail bank administration, financial and investment oversight, and shareholder relations.

Mr. Rowe acted as a board director for major NYC regional health service systems that endeavor to deliver to low-income and underserved consumers. This service has allowed him to acquire profound experience in non-profit fiscal management and network collaboration.

Daniel currently serves as the chair of the Funds Management Committee and as a member of the Governance, Compliance, Executive, Audit, and Loan committees for Quontic. He is also Director of Catholic Health Services of Long Island, which follows a healing mission to provide health care to predominantly low-income communities.