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Bryan Young


Home Lending Pal

Bryan Young is the CEO & Co-Founder of Home Lending Pal (HLP), a unique mortgage marketplace that leverages AI and Blockchain with the first AI-Powered Mortgage Advisor to remove barriers for homeownership. The system is built around cultural influences that impact purchasing behaviors for marginalized groups and millennials to explore and become homeowners. In addition, the platform encourages fairness in lending by allowing potential borrowers to see more data upfront and the likelihood of approval before applying for a mortgage. After running a successful private beta with the help of IBM that saw more than 800 individuals become homeowners, Bryan moved the platform to public beta in June 2020, allowing potential borrowers of all demographics to help test, improve, and influence the product roadmap. Users at different stages of the home buying process actively participate in focus groups helping to automate various aspects of the process for users that come after them. By October 2020, HLP had been accepted into the Flagstar Bank Mortgage Accelerator.

Home Lending Pal has secured strategic partnerships with the likes of Experian and became the first non-loan originating company in the US to show FICO® Scores directly to consumers. The Mortgage Collaborative and CUNA Mutual have invested, accelerating development to help address fair lending needs for lenders within their networks. Having raised $3.5 million, Bryan plans to create an Amazon-like shopping experience that protects borrowers while automating multiple stages of the mortgage value chain. The unconventional go-to-market strategy has garnered recognition on a national and international stage for its potential social and economic impact. As part of the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Home for All, Bryan pledged $1 million towards closing costs to help African Americans and Latinos become homeowners through his platform.

Bryan has a track record of success as an entrepreneur and in corporate America. At 24, he was recognized by both Bloomberg and Ernst and Young as a top entrepreneur under the age of 40 for launching and building the BEC agency. He’s a five-time founder with four prior exits with a particular knack for digital strategy transformation and conversion rate optimization.