Boundless Banking
With Your Quontic Debit Card

Swipe with confidence with a debit card that offers secure and convenient measures to access and manage your money.

Card Lock

If your debit card is ever lost or stolen or misplaced, you can lock and unlock it through the Quontic mobile app.

Location-Based Controls

“My Regions” Feature:

View and modify the zip codes, cities, states, and countries where your debit card can be used.

“International Block”:

If you’re not traveling, your debit card shouldn’t be either. Have the option to enable a blanket block on any international transactions. 

*Activating this feature will disable any previously set international region-specific transaction controls.

Transaction Control

Whether it’s an in-store purchase, an online cart, or just ATM transactions, you can choose where your card will be active.

Merchant Control

From everyday grocery store purchases to travel expenses, have the option to set restrictions on what your card can be used for.

Threshold Amount Limit

Stick to your budget with the ability to customize the limit for transactions made on your card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Card Control is a service available to our customers that allows you to control your Quontic card through your mobile app! You may choose to block all transactions, set threshold amounts, or block certain merchant categories.

Within the mobile app, select ‘More’ on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. After selecting ‘Card Controls’, you will see your enrolled card(s). From this point, you can begin managing your transaction settings. 

Yes. Select ‘Merchant Types’ and there are several merchant categories to choose from such as department stores, gas stations, groceries, and more. Here you can opt to decline transactions from the specified merchant.

Yes. Through location controls you can establish three regions where the card can be used. When enabled, any card activity from outside of the established region will be denied. You can also enable a block on any international transactions however, enabling ‘Block international’ will disable any previously set region specific transaction controls. 

No! This new feature is available in our mobile app for our customers. Please note that your mobile carrier’s data fees may apply.

On the main screen of Card Controls, you will see ‘On’ or ‘Off’ next to the last four digits of your card. If you click on your card, card status is indicated by the color. Green indicates your card is on and can be used, and grey indicates your card is off and cannot be used.

Yes. If your card is enabled, select ‘Threshold Amount’ and toggle the control so it is green. From you here you easily set a limit so transactions will be declined if they are over an amount specified by you.

Yes, your new card will be automatically added in Card Control. However, you will need to set new controls for the card.

Within the mobile app, select ‘More’ on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. After selecting ‘Alerts’, you can customize what Card Alerts to receive within our mobile app.

Yes, as long as you have enabled Card Alerts you will receive a push notification.

Yes, you can choose which merchants or transaction type alerts you receive. You can also customize a threshold amount that will send an alert if you exceed the specified amount.

The server that pushes the card alerts to your mobile device is located in CST.

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