MasterCard® benefits come with Quontic banking

Your Quontic MasterCard debit card and Pay Ring come with a variety of built-in benefits. Use your card or Ring at millions of merchant locations and online retailers worldwide with security benefits that can keep you protected and give you peace of mind.

Mastercard® Airport Concierge™

Arrange for a personal, dedicated meet-and-greet agent to escort you through the airport on departure, arrival or any connecting flights, 24/7/365 at over 450 destinations worldwide.

Mastercard® Global Service

Receive around-the-clock customer service assistance with lost and stolen card reporting, emergency card replacement and emergency cash advance as well as assistance with locating ATMs and help with card⁠-⁠related questions.

MasterCard® Zero Liability Protection with Quontic

Have peace of mind knowing that Quontic won’t hold you responsible for “unauthorized transactions.” As a Mastercard® cardholder, Zero Liability applies to your purchases made in the store, over the telephone, online, or via a mobile device and ATM transactions. As a cardholder, you will not be held responsible for unauthorized transactions if:

1. You have used reasonable care in protecting your card from loss or theft; and
2. You promptly reported loss or theft to Quontic

If you believe there has been unauthorized use of your account and you meet the conditions above, rest easy knowing you have the protection of Mastercard’s Zero Liability promise. For additional protections with respect to unauthorized transactions, please contact your bank or credit union.

If you have questions regarding Zero Liability coverage or you suspect unauthorized use of your card, contact Quontic IMMEDIATELY.

MasterCard® ID Theft Protection™

The Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ program helps eliminate the worry of identity theft by monitoring and alerting you if suspicious activity is found. Mastercard experts are available 24/7 to make things right so you can focus on the things that matter most in life. Best of all, as a Quontic Mastercard cardholder, this service is included for no additional charge! It takes just a few minutes to activate, and as soon as you do, your monitoring begins.