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Irene – Supermom turned homeowner

Like many Americans, COVID-19 has made an impact in more ways than one. For Irene, a single mother living in NY, the first few months of the pandemic jilted her day-to-day life, forcing her to pivot and take leaps into the unknown. Looking to provide a comfortable environment for herself and her son in a home she could call her own, she was referred to the Quontic team to help make it happen. Loan Officer Michael Bocelli worked hard to get Irene the loan she needed, that aligned with her unique situation and credit scenario. Although the quarantine delayed her closing, Irene credits Quontic for keeping her on track to owning her home.

Fast forward, exactly one year later, Irene was pleasantly surprised to hear from Michael and his team, who checked in to see how she was fairing out. It just so happened that Irene was looking for a new career opportunity and Michael had just the place – Quontic! She came aboard the Bocelli & Melia team and is proud to help other families in the same way Quontic had helped her. Irene proudly shares her story of strength and triumph through adversity and shared this – “If someone was to ask me to describe in one word how Quontic has helped me – I can’t give just one word, Quontic saved me. Their loan programs are perfect for single mothers who are hustling and working and trying to make it happen for their families.”