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Frank – A Quontic Pay Ring fan

Frank from Philadelphia, who works in the telecommunications field, had been disenchanted with traditional brick-and-mortar banks for a while. He didn’t like their level of customer service or the things he was reading about the big banks on the news. He had been reading up on other options, wanting to make a switch. But he hadn’t quite made the choice to bank elsewhere until he read a review of Quontic, which listed us as the top overall online bank.

Encouraged by this review, he logged on to create an account. He was impressed with the simplicity of the process. He liked how fast everything got set up and how quickly he received his Pay Ring. As someone who travels a lot for work, ease of use and frictionless experiences are key for him, and Quontic delivered.

As a person who is technical and has high expectations and understands how the infrastructure works, Frank had high expectations for his new bank… expectations Quontic is proud to have met.

Read Frank’s review below. If you’re also looking for a new way to bank, you can open an account in minutes. Click here.