To set up service alerts, simply click on the Service Alert’s tab at the top of the screen. Please keep in mind that mandatory alerts cannot be deleted.

Here are a list of service alerts you can set up in online banking:

  • Address Changed
  • Email Address Changed
  • Forgot Username Attempt
  • New Secure Message
  • Password Changed
  • Password Reset Attempt
  • Phone Number Changed
  • Session Activity Email
  • Sign On Attempt Failed
  • Username Changed
  1. To set up one of these alerts, you will click on the box with a pen icon. This will prompt a drop down.
  2. You will have the option to select how you would like to have the alert delivered to you. It can either by to your primary email, secondary email or via SMS(text).
  3. To save the alert, select the ‘update’ button.
  4. You will know the alert has been saved because a green circle with a check mark stating “Alert On” will appear.

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