To set up account alerts, first log in to Online Banking

  1. Click the Self Service tab, and select ‘Alerts’
  2. You will automatically be taken to the ‘Account Alerts’ tab. If you have multiple accounts, you can select which account you would like to set the alert for by clicking the drop down.
  3. To set up either an account transfer alert, balance alert, or stop pay alert, you will click on the box with a pen icon. This will prompt a drop down.
  4. To turn on any of the alerts offered, you will click to toggle so it changes to ‘Yes’ with a checkmark.
  5. Depending on the alert you select, you can customize it by frequency, threshold amount and how you would like to receive the alert, either by email or text.
  6. Once the alert is customized to your choosing, you will need to select the ‘update’ button to save all your changes.
  7. Once saved, the main alert screen will inform you if you have an alert on and how many of the alerts are enabled. Check marks indicate a subscribed alert. Mandatory alerts cannot be deleted.

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