What if the information was unable to be pre-filled?

Sometimes we are unable to pre-fill receipt information. Usually, this can be attributed to the quality of the image. You can always try to take a better image by swiping right to show the original image and then tapping on “Retake.” Try to use the available features to improve the image quality, such as automatic […]

Why was some or all of the information on the receipt pre-filled for me?

To save you time! We don’t want you to waste any time manually inputting receipt information – so our technology pre-fills as much key information as possible for you (eg. merchant name, date, total, etc.). The clearer and crisper the image of the receipt, the better we are at extracting and pre-filling your information. Automating […]

Which currencies are supported?

We currently only recognize receipts with payment in USD, CAD, and GBP currencies. If you upload a receipt from a country other than the US, Canada, or Great Britain, you can manually change the currency to any of the following: USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD. We intend to increase the supported currencies in time!

Why are some of my receipts showing as “Enhanced” and others are not?

For receipts from top merchants, we have been training our system to understand more than just the key receipt information (such as merchant name, date, and total). We try to also understand the merchant location and phone number, the item details (including SKUs, item names, prices, discounts, etc.), subtotals, taxes, tenders, and even loyalty and […]