Can I give out my @myreceipts.us email address?

Yes. In fact, this will allow you to skip the step of remembering to forward your electronic receipts. Instead of entering your personal email address, you can provide merchants with your @myreceipts.us email address and any electronic receipts sent by that merchant will be automatically added to your receipts list.

How can I add emailed receipts to my receipts list?

If you have a receipt in your personal email inbox, simply forward it to your unique receipts email address. If you ever forget your @myreceipts.us email address, you can find it at the top of the Receipts List screen.

How can I create a @myreceipts.us email address?

You will see a link to “Add Email Receipt” on top of the receipt list screen. You will be invited to pick a unique @myreceipts.us email address. Once your unique receipts email is created, it will appear on top of your receipts list screen.

Why do I see marketing emails in my receipt list?

Oftentimes merchants send follow-up marketing emails to customers who have provided them with their email address in order to receive an e-receipt. If you provided these merchants with your @myreceipts.us account, that same email address will also receive marketing communications from said merchants. We work hard to stop these emails from landing in your receipts […]