How can I share my receipts with my bookkeeper or accountant?

When you tap on the “More” icon on your menu at the bottom of the screen, your “Recent Exports” will be at the top of the list. Tapping this will take you to all your recently exported receipts. You will see a sharing icon under each receipt on the right side. Tapping this sharing icon […]

Why is my export no longer appearing in my list?

Only your last four exports are shown in the list. If you need to create multiple exports, be sure to pick them up from the “Recent Exports” list regularly. Also, remember that the export files are only stored for two weeks from when they were created. If the export is no longer there, you may […]

Where can I find my receipt for export?

On the Receipt Dashboard, there is an option to download each receipt individually. If you would like to download receipts by year, you can scroll down and select ‘Downloads’.

Can I export all of my receipts?

Yes, you can. Tap “See All” from the receipts list, and then check the “Select All” box. Once all receipts are selected, hit the downward arrow to choose your format and download.