Do I have to add my receipt to a folder?

No. Although folders help to keep your receipts organized and save you time down the line, it’s entirely up to you if you want to use them. You may find that they’re only helpful for organizing certain types of receipts and not others. In any case, adding receipts to folders is your choice.

How can I add emailed receipts to my receipts list?

If you have a receipt in your personal email inbox, simply forward it to your unique receipts email address. If you ever forget your email address, you can find it at the top of the Receipts List screen.

What are folders? How can I use them?

Folders enable you to group related receipts together so that you can easily view them. For example, you may want to use folders to group all of the receipts for your “Business Trip to New York,” – so that you can easily export them when you need to submit your expenses for that trip, or […]

How can I create a email address?

You will see a link to “Add Email Receipt” on top of the receipt list screen. You will be invited to pick a unique email address. Once your unique receipts email is created, it will appear on top of your receipts list screen.