How can I search for my receipts?

Tap on the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of your receipt list. A search bar will appear. Similar to a search engine, once you type a word and press “search” on your keyboard, the service will populate all receipts that match your search. To make your receipts easier to find, we’ve made the […]

Why are some of my receipts showing as “Enhanced” and others are not?

For receipts from top merchants, we have been training our system to understand more than just the key receipt information (such as merchant name, date, and total). We try to also understand the merchant location and phone number, the item details (including SKUs, item names, prices, discounts, etc.), subtotals, taxes, tenders, and even loyalty and […]

Why do some electronic receipts show me an “Enter Receipt Info” screen?

Occasionally, we are not able to obtain one or more of the key pieces of information from an electronic receipt. When that happens, you will see that the receipt needs attention in your notifications, along the bottom of the screen. The next time you tap on that receipt to open it, the “Enter Receipt Info” […]

What if the information was unable to be pre-filled?

Sometimes we are unable to pre-fill receipt information. Usually, this can be attributed to the quality of the image. You can always try to take a better image by swiping right to show the original image and then tapping on “Retake.” Try to use the available features to improve the image quality, such as automatic […]