What if I have a two-sided receipt?

Two-sided receipts should be captured in “Manual” mode. Select ‘Long Receipt’ and take an image of the front of the receipt, then take an image of the back of the receipt as section two.

What if I have a long receipt?

For very long receipts, it is best to be in “Manual” mode. Otherwise, the receipt may be too far away from the camera to take a clear image with legible text. Start by selecting the ‘Long Receipt’ option when you go to take an image. The first image you take will be of the first […]

Why is the automatic capture not working for me?

Automatic capture may be unsuccessful for various reasons. The following are the most common: There is not enough contrast between the background and the receipt so the camera has difficulty finding the edges of the receipt. Try taking the picture of the receipt against a dark background. You might not be still enough when taking […]