Why does my camera keep switching from automatic to manual?

In automatic mode, the camera will try to detect the rectangular boundaries of a receipt it identifies. However, if it’s unable to do so, eventually the camera mode will switch to manual, allowing the user to control and guide the image selection and capture.

How do I take an image of a paper receipt?

For modern devices, you will default to “Automatic” capture mode. Turn on the flash if there isn’t sufficient lighting and arrange the receipt edges on the screen so that the whole receipt is visible. Hover over the receipt and hold the camera still to time to capture the image. Avoid white surfaces to allow the […]

What if I have a two-sided receipt?

Two-sided receipts should be captured in “Manual” mode. Select ‘Long Receipt’ and take an image of the front of the receipt, then take an image of the back of the receipt as section two.

What if I have a long receipt?

For very long receipts, it is best to be in “Manual” mode. Otherwise, the receipt may be too far away from the camera to take a clear image with legible text. Start by selecting the ‘Long Receipt’ option when you go to take an image. The first image you take will be of the first […]